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Restless and driving, he gets things done quickly. He works well under pressure and enjoys

working to tight deadlines. He can adjust to change, is quick to respond to new situations and

can work in a changing atmosphere. He has a sense of urgency, likes variety and tries to work

at top capacity. He enjoys it when things are really happening and moving and can keep a

variety of jobs going at once. He is active, energetic and will vigorously attack the parts of his

job he likes to do. He will push himself and others to get results quickly.

This is a very ambitious and goal-orientated individual who values competing with others and

being able to take on and resolve tough assignments. Productiveness and effectiveness are

very important to him and he will work hard to eliminate stumbling blocks. He goes directly to

the heart of a problem to get things done and will not be distracted from his goals. He thinks of

himself as a winner and will be comfortable pioneering solutions. He looks at problems,

resistance and obstacles as stepping stones towards accomplishing his goals. He can accept

risks, take chances and be accountable for the bottom line. He readily assumes responsibility

for the work of others, accepts authority over them and will fight for success. He is naturally

very competitive and results-orientated.


Independent and decisive, he is capable of thinking autonomously and acting on his own. He

believes his own ideas are right and will show a determination to get his own way. He has the

strength and persistence to follow through and keep at it until he gets results. He wants to take

charge and use his initiative. He can make up his mind, take action and live with the risks

involved in decision making. He is capable of standing up against some resistance from others and sticking to something he believes in. He prefers a situation with freedom to think



Sociable and outgoing, he genuinely likes people and enjoys working with them. He

understands them, sees their points of view and gets along well with others. He is optimistic

and tends to see the positive side of things. He is at home with people and shows confidence

in situations involving others. Persuasive, he often makes a good impression, enjoys

influencing and selling ideas to others and likes helping them. He can usually motivate people

because he relates well to them. He is outgoing and open.


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